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Interference: Dead Air (v1.0)

Interference: Dead Air (v1.0) is an interactive two-way radio returnal game developed by R7 265. It is a unique and entertaining experience that brings together the thrill of exploration, puzzle solving and radio communication. The game follows the story of a mysterious signal coming from the depths of space and your goal is to find out what it is. As you search for answers, you must rely on your two-way radio to talk to other survivors and uncover the secrets of this strange signal.

In Interference: Dead Air (v1.0), you take on the role of a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world where all communication has been lost. To discover the secrets of the mysterious signal, you must explore the desolate landscape and communicate with other survivors using your two-way radio. Along the way, you will need to solve puzzles and make difficult decisions that will affect the outcome of your journey.

The game features a realistic two-way radio system that allows you to communicate with other survivors in real-time. You can use the radio to ask questions, share information and even coordinate your efforts with other survivors. The game also features a variety of puzzles that require careful planning and precise execution in order to be successful. Additionally, the game includes a unique scoring system that rewards players for their exploration, puzzle solving and communication skills.

Interference: Dead Air (v1.0) is an engrossing and unique experience that will challenge and entertain players of all levels. The game's combination of exploration, puzzle solving and two-way radio communication makes it a unique and engaging experience. Additionally, the game offers lots of replay value thanks to its challenging puzzles and unpredictable outcomes. Overall, Interference: Dead Air (v1.0) is an immersive and enjoyable game from R7 265 that will keep you coming back for more.

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